Real-time Auction

OiiiBid® allows drivers to interact with proposed fare prices set by passengers. The two-way system’s architecture allows both drivers and passengers to adjust their offers and bids in real-time, thus allowing an instant negotiation or auction to occur.

Until an offer or bid has been accepted by the other party and the contract becomes binding, either party can issue a counteroffer or counter bid (passengers can increase their job offer whilst drivers can lower their bid) or exit the auction altogether, retracting their bids.

Net-Cabs provides convenient interfaces for passengers and drivers to participate in OiiiBid auctions.

Oiii Passenger App

The OiiiBid interface for passengers is built into the Oiii® passenger app. It provides an intuitive interface for passengers to place their offer and execute the auction. To guide the passenger in setting the initial offer, the Oiii app provides a recommendation based on an algorithm that takes several factors into consideration.

These factors include but are not limited to time of day, travel distance, ride class, vehicle type, special conditions, applicable rate set and vehicle availability (in the vicinity of the pick-up location). Passengers have the ability to decrease their offer within limits to avoid placing unrealistic offers into the Oiii market place. Equally, they can increase their offer to attract more drivers.

An example flow for a transport service request in the Oiii passenger app is displayed below. It shows a passenger setting their transport requirements and placing an offer into the Oiii market place.

After a bid from a driver, the passenger places a counter offer and the second offer is accepted by the driver. At the conclusion of the transport service, the passenger is invited to rate the journey.

The Oiii website provides relevant OiiiBid information for passengers.

Oiii App Ride booking and OiiiBid Screens  

Oiii Driver App

Drivers without a VDS3 system in their vehicle can still participate in OiiiBid auctions if they join the Oiii Network. These include taxi, limo and rideshare drivers from other networks. The interface of choice for these drivers is the OiiiPlus® driver app.

OiiiPlus provides an intuitive interface for drivers to participate in OiiiBid auctions. A sample flow is shown below.

OiiiPlus Driver App OiiiBid exchange Screens


OiiiBid is fully integrated with VDS3. Drivers who have the VDS3 head-unit installed in their vehicle can conveniently interact with OiiiBid on a custom developed UI (User Interface).

Each OiiiBid job offer is clearly identified in the Open Jobs page. Drivers can enter the Bidding screen at any point in time if they wish to participate in an OiiiBid auction. The process is intuitive and requires minimal explanation.

OiiiBid exchange on VDS3 Screens