The Net-Cabs job dispatch system provides extensive functionality to dispatch job offers to Networks. Net-Cabs defines a Network as a grouping of operators who can exchange job offers with members of their group. The overarching Net-Cabs dispatch network is the Oiii® Network (by default every driver on the platform is part of the Oiii Network). Within the Oiii Network an arbitrary number of Operator and Driver Networks can exist.

An Operator Network can be made up of a single owner driver or thousands of drivers.

A Driver Network is a private network between fellow drivers who have been invited to join the network. Drivers have the ability to create their own Driver Network, invite colleagues to it and join as many other Driver Networks they receive invitations to.

Drivers can receive job offers from any network they are a member of. They also have the ability to offload jobs to the Oiii Network, their Operator Network or a Driver Network they belong to. In the process they can earn a commission (further explained under Driver Networks).

Job Feeds

The Net-Cabs dispatch system can consume job offers via a multitude of input channels. This includes external booking systems that can exchange job offers via the Net-Cabs API.

Channel (Source) Use Cases
Net-Cabs Partner-API
(external system)
Authenticated external job systems can send/receive job offers to/from Net-Cabs Networks.
Oiii® App
A passenger uses the Oiii passenger app to send out a job offer to the Oiii Network, giving priority to preferred driver.
OiiiPlus® App
(driver or an organisational representative)
Taxi or rideshare drivers or organisational representatives (receptionist, concierge, clinic, hospitality, gov department, etc.) can send job offers on the OiiiPlus App to any network they are a member of.
Admin Portal
(operator or call centre)
Operators and call centre staff can send job bookings and jobs offers to their networks or preferred vehicles and drivers.

Job Types

There are three categories of job types – Metered, Fixed price and OiiiBid® jobs.

Metered jobs are as the name suggests, jobs where the meter is run to calculate the fare. Metered jobs apply to rank and hail jobs or when a job booking is dispatched that requires the meter to run. Booked metered jobs may include a pick-up address only (i.e. the destination is not known) or the passenger is choosing to run the meter instead of agreeing to a fixed price.

Fixed price jobs are booked jobs where the passenger has agreed in advance to pay a fixed amount for a given journey. Fixed price job offers can arrive via any channel. A fixed price job can also be set in VDS3 as a prepaid job on the basis the passenger accepts.

OiiiBid jobs end up as fixed price jobs but they are negotiated in real-time between passenger and drivers across apps and/or VDS3 (further explained under OiiiBid).

The Net-Cabs job dispatch system gives passengers the option to set their preferred job type where possible. For instance, when Oiii taxis are available, the passenger has the option to choose between OiiiBid and metered jobs on their booking app, whilst if only rideshare vehicles are available (they are in the vicinity of the requested pick-up location), the option to select metered jobs is not available as rideshare cars do not operate a meter.


The Net-Cabs job dispatch system accepts an extensive range of parameters. They include but are not limited to:

Metered/Fixed Fare:

Metered implies that jobs require the meter to run, whilst fixed fare means the price has been set and agreed before the start of the journey.


Job auction between passengers and drivers.

Payment Amount

Fare excluding levy and booking fee (fixed fares).

Type of Vehicle

Sedan, Station Wagon, Maxi, Van, Bus and more.

Ride Class

Oiii taxi, Oiii Luxe, other taxi, rideshare, limo, etc.

Number of Passengers

Number of passengers travelling in the vehicle.

Driver Conditions

Male/female, experienced, senior driver, working with children certification, wheelchair certification, lift certification, etc.

Passenger Name


Corporate Account

Corporate account ID (if provided fare is added to account).

Passenger Mobile

Mobile number

Vehicle Conditions

Electric, Extra luggage room, Pet transport, Wheelchair lift, etc.

Now / Scheduled

Time of pick-up


Oiii Network, Operator Network, Driver Network

Pickup / Drop-off Location(s)


Preferred Drivers

List of preferred drivers


Nominated route

Multi Pick-up

List of stops to pick up passengers.

Multi drop-off

List of stops to drop off passengers.

Mood preference

Passenger in cabin preference for none/little/normal conversation, listen to news/radio, etc.

Driver Networks

A Driver Network is a private network between fellow drivers who have been invited to join the network. The Driver Network is a subset of the overarching Oiii Network and all BSP (Booking Service Provider) responsibilities ultimately lie with the Oiii Network.

Drivers have the ability to create their own Driver Network, invite colleagues to it and join as many other Driver Networks they are invited to. Only the owner of a Driver Network is able to uninvite members of the network.

Drivers can receive and submit job offers from/to any network they are a member of (Oiii Network, Operator Network or Driver Network).

Driver networks are a novel concept that is unique to the Net-Cabs platform. The benefit to drivers is the ability to offload jobs in a structured and convenient way instead of relying on phone calls, texting and other apps as they do now. An additional benefit is the ability to set rules for the commission split. The platform automates the distribution of funds in line with the configured rules.

Net-Cabs uses the concept of attribution allocation for job dispatch. Subject to the job source, network and job fulfilment, different rules apply for attribution allocation.

For instance, the owner of a Driver Network can set a custom commission rate for drivers who dispatch jobs into their network (referred to as the source). For example, if the custom commission rate for the source is 5% and the Network Fee is $1, then the network will receive $1, the source will receive [(fare – $1) x 5%] and the driver who fulfills the job receives the remainder.

As booking fees and levies vary from state to operator, they are excluded from the calculations. They are typically collected by the Oiii network and paid out automatically to the respective recipients (e.g. state government department). The booking fee covers the cost of the customer payment transaction whilst network fees pay for BSP responsibilities and funds distribution.

A use case for a Driver Network is a driver with a private customer base who is unable to service all job offers and would like to offload some jobs to other drivers. Due to the elderly status of his passengers and the implicit trust he has developed over a period of time, the driver is reluctant to pass on jobs to unknown drivers. In this instance, he sets up his private Driver Network and invites his preferred drivers to service his customers.

Driver Network Sample Attribution Table.

Example Attribution Table.

OiiiPlus® Driver Networks
Create Private Network  
Invite Friend to join Private Network and Dispatch Job.  
Friend Accepting
Network Invitation.